2011 Victor Lil’ Devils Winterguard
are gonna fly

Once there was a little girl who listened to her music box- day dreaming of how it would be to become a fairy, complete with wings; and fly .
Join the Lil Devils as they portray the simple story of dreams coming true
We are in the learning process of the “how to” in guard. We hope to one day be performing at levels like our big sisters. Although a dream today, we remind you that with hard work, time and commitment, dreams can come true.
The group is under the direction of Lesley Rider
Staff includes Lucy Kantor, Tracy Rowan and Mark and Lesley Rider
Music selections: I’m Gonna Fly by Sydney Forest
The Victor Lil Devils would like to thank Victor Central Schools, the Victor Band Boosters Inc, The Varsity guard staff and members and our loving parents. As a special thank you; we dedicate our performance season To Ms. Elaine Robinson for loving us so much that she let us go.
Enjoy as the Victor Lil Devils perform: I’m gonna Fly

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